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Marshall Bowman and Behethland Jopling's families were both of Henrico, then Amherst county, Virginia, in the years before the American Revolution. Bowmans were probably descendants of Robert Bowman, Sr., born after 1600, in Scotland or England, and died before April 16, 1671, in Henrico county. Joplings were descendants of Ralph Jopling, Sr., born February 10, 1674, in Wolsingham, county Durham, England, and died in 1720, in Henrico county.


Marshall Bowman was born in Amherst county, on October 13, 1760. Probably the son of Edward III and Anna (Childers) Bowman, Marshall, at about age 16, moved with his family, from Amherst county to North Carolina. During the Revolution, Marshall enlisted three times, for three months each. He served nine months as a private under Captain Clark in General Green's army and was at Wilmington, Delaware with General McDowell's army, when Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown.
After the revolution, Marshall returned to Amherst county, and, at age 33, on May 19, 1794, he was married there to Behethland Jopling, who was 24 to 29-years-old. Behethland (b. 1770-1775), was the daughter of Thomas Jr. and Sarah "Sally" (Stevens) Jopling. Thomas Jopling, Jr., had been the Captain of the Virginia militia in Amherst county. The marriage bond was in Amherst county between Thomas Jopling, Jr., Behethland, "Spinster," and Marshall, "Bachelor."
Marshall and Behethland left Amherst county for Kanawha county, (West) Virginia, around 1798-1799. Behethland's parents and some, or possibly all of her seven siblings also migrated from Amherst to Kanawha county around this time.


Thomas Jopling, Jr., was born about 1745, the son of Thomas Sr. and Hannah (Freeman) Jopling. Both of his parents were born in Henrico Co. and died in Amherst Co., VA. Thomas Jr. was married on April 6, 1772, in Amherst Co., VA, to Sarah, "Sally" Stevens, the daughter of James Sr. and Behethland (Taliaferro) Stevens. They had eight children, but besides Behethland, only three other children have been "proven":
1) Ralph Jopling (b. 1772-1779; m. in 1810, in Kanawha Co., to Susannah Casdorph; a boatman on the Kanawha and Ohio Rivers; died in 1810, in Kanawha Co.; he was murdered by William Wilson, a schoolmaster, who hit Ralph in the head with a rifle, killing him instantly. His parents, Thomas and Sarah, witnessed the murder, with Andrew Cavender; Ralph and Susannah's son, Franklin Jopling, was born 1810-1811, after Ralph's death. Susannah remarried 1811-1820, to a Mr. Perkins;
2) James Stevens Jopling (b. Abt. 1777; d. Aft. 1860; m1 in Amherst Co., VA, on Sept. 11, 1805, to Nancy Giddens- five children; m2 on Nov. 12, 1834, in Kanawha Co., to Rebecca White- two children; possibly the James Jopling in 1801 Kanawha Co. Tax List; and
3) Nancy Jopling (b. 1775-1796; m. in 1812, in Kanawha Co., to Isham Bailey, Jr.; Proof of parentage in Kanawha Co. deed of July 11, 1842, between Isham Jr. and Nancy (Jopling) Bailey and William W. Fife, Deed Bk. M, pp. 445-447.
Thomas and Sarah and at least three of the four known children (Behethland, Ralph and Nancy), left Amherst county and settled in Kanawha county in the early 1800's. Their son, James Stevens Jopling, might have been in Kanawha Co. for the 1801 Tax List, which has two Joplings listed, Thomas and James. Thomas had one white tithable, one black slave over age 16, and 2 horses. James had one tithable and one horse. James married Nancy Giddens, in Amherst county in 1805, and they lived in Tennessee, where Nancy died and was buried in the Pulaski Cemetery, Giles Co., Tennessee. He came to Kanawha county before his second marriage, in 1834, to Rebecca White.
Some or all of the four "missing" children of Thomas and Sarah might have come to Kanawha county with them. Kanawha county records have several Joplings, who might be these "missing" children:
1) Lucy Jopling: b. 1778; d. 1836; m. in Kanawha Co., on June 1, 1802, to Joseph Vincent, Jr.; Lucy is very likely a child of Thomas and Sarah's, and research is currently being done to "prove" this;
2) Edward Jopling: b. 1765-1784, by the 1810 Kanawha Co. Census, with wife same age, and one son, b. 1800-1810, and 8 slaves. They are not in the 1820 Kanawha Co. Census;
3) Elsie/Alsey Jopling: b. Bef. 1784; m. in 1800, in Kanawha Co., to Shadrack Samuels; and
4) Thomas Jopling: b. 1796, in VA, by the 1870 Kanawha Co. Census.

There are seven children according to my research at this time:
1) Elizabeth S. Bowman: b. 1790-1795; d. Abt. 1845, in WV; m. in 1812, in Kanawha Co., to William Mannin (Mannon);
2) John Bowman: b. Abt. 1798-1799; d. July 4, 1858, in Kanawha Co.; m. Abt. 1824, to Sarah (--) (b. 1807; d. Aft. 1850)- two daughters born 1825-1830, by 1830 Kanawha Co. census; 9 children in 1850 Kanawha Co. census; Kanawha Co. Deed Bk. I-J, p. 512: John paid $200 for 40 acres of land on Coal River from Marshall and Behethliand Bowman to "their son John Bowman."; John's Will in Kanawha Co. Wills, Vol. 1, p. 702 (Dec. 18, 1858- Appraisal and Sale Bill);
3) Mary "Polly" Bowman: b. Aug. 7, 1802, in Rome, Kanawha, later Lincoln Co., WV; d. on March 7, 1870, in Lincoln Co., WV; m. on Aug. 21, 1831, in Kanawha Co., to Samuel Priestley;
4) Lindsey Bowman: b. Sept. 4, 1808, in Richmond, VA,; died May 15, 1880, in Springfield Twp., Henry, MO; m. in Mason, VA, on June 10, 1836, to Margaret Overshiner- 11 children; Lindsey in 1850 Benton Co., MO census.
5) Lusby Bowman: b. Abt. 1810, in VA; Lusby in the 1840 Benton Co., MO census;
6) Tobina/Tobimas Bowman: b. Abt. 1815, in VA; Tobina in 1840 Benton Co., MO census; and
7) Zachariah, "Zack," Bowman: b. Abt. 1795 (or 1815 by the 1850 Benton Co., MO census); Kanawha Co., (W) VA Deed Bk. I-J, p. 513, on Feb. 24, 1836 ("Ex'd and Del'd to Owner 7th Sept. 1839"): for "Zechariah Bowman" to buy 50 acres of land on the Coal River for $60 from John Bowman and wife Sarah.

In a Kanawha Co. deed of Sept. 12, 1839, Marshall and Behethland sold land for $800 to James King. Behethland died sometime after this; the date and place are unknown at this time. Marshall moved to Benton Co., Missouri, and his pension was transferred to their rolls on July 27, 1840. He died there later that year.

- Compiled by Margaret L., "Peggy," Green
August 1998


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Some Kanawha Co. WV Deeds of John Bowman:
1) Bk I-J, p. 512: John paid $200 for 40 acres of land on Coal River from Marshall and Behethliand Bowman to "their son John Bowman" (Feb 24, 1836);
2) Bk I-J, p. 513: On same day, Feb 24, 1836, deed made where John Bowman and wife Sarah sold 50 acres on Coal River to Zechariah Bowman (John's younger brother?)
3) Bk N, p. 403: Dec. 24, 1841, deed made for John to buy land from James King and wife (recorded Dec. 2, 1843);
4) Bk S, p. 136: June 4, 1853 deed for John to buy 3 acres on Coal River from W. E. Wiley King and wife Dicy.
5) Bk X, p. 574: Deed made on May 9, 1862, between grantors Daniel Priestley and wife Martha E., heirs of John Bowman, to sell land of John Bowman on Coal River, to Beverly B. Bowman. Recorded Feb 15, 1865.


JOHN BOWMAN- KANAWHA CO., VA- 5 Grants (cards #62-66):
1) Nov. 20, 1833- 63 acres On S. of Coal River, the mouth of Island Ck.- Grants 82, p. 386;
2) Nov. 28, 1833- 100 acres on waters of Coul River, adjoining Michl. (*Marshal) Bowman- Grants 82, p. 385 (100 acres Survey made March 26, 1832, by virtue of Land Office Exchange Treasury Warrant #2384, issued Aug. 31, 1821; on Coal River, adjoining lands of Marshial Bowman;
3) Nov. 30, 1838- 180 acres on Coal Riv. - Grants 89, p. 362;
4) Nov. 30, 1838- 485 " " " - Grants ---; and
5) Nov. 30, 1838- 363 " " " - Grants ---.