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REv war

Some D.A.R. applicants, giving 3. Thomas Jopling as their Revolutionary ancestor. have designated him as "Captain" but the above tax records show conclusively that it was his son, 16. Thomas Jopling, who was the captain.
D.A.R. records show that Thomas Jopling served as captain in the Virginia militia from Amherst County.
Public Service Claims, Amherst County, Certificates:
Then Received on Publick Account of Mi. Thomas Jopling three Stears, Amounting to Thirteen Hundred pounds which the said Jopling is entitled to Receive of the Treasurer of this state within Six Months front the Date here of' Togeather with Intrest at the Rate of Six P Centurn P Annurn Agreable to an Act entitled "an Act for Percuring a Supply of Provisions and Other Necefsaryes for the use of the Army by
Henry Martin Commifn.
El 300 Amherst County
"To Capt. Jarnes Matthews for collecting and driving beef to Mr. Thomas J Jopling's 19 Sept 1780."
"To Thomas Jopling. Buckingham Co., 1781, 5 lbs. 16 shillings for 700 lbs ot'grass-fed beet'." Public Services. P. 25.

Mr. Charles H. Hamlin, of Richmond, Va. says this means Mr. Jopling's plantation was used as a gathering place for supplies for the American army.
Other public service claims (originals in Virginia State Library):
Thomas Jopling Buckingham County
Benjamin Jopling Amherst County
James Jopling
Josiah Jopling
Thomas Jopling, Sr.