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Compiled by M. L., "Peggy" Green
August 1998


1. Introduction: Bowman and Jopling Ancestry

2. Marshall Bowman and Behethland Jopling

3. Thomas Jr. and Sarah (Stevens) Jopling

4. Children of Thomas Jr. and Sarah Jopling

- Ralph Jopling
- James Stevens Jopling
- Nancy (Jopling) Bailey

5. Amherst Co., VA>Kanawha Co., (W) VA

6. Four possibles for "missing" children of Thomas

- Lucy (Jopling) Vincent
- Edward Jopling
- Elsie (Jopling) Samuels
- Thomas Jopling (b. Abt. 1796, VA)

7. Marshall & Behethland's Seven Children
- Elizabeth S. (Bowman) Manning: 1 daughter
- John Bowman: 9 children
- Mary "Polly" (Bowman) Priestley: 5 children
- Lindsey Bowman: 11 children
- Lusby Bowman
- Tobina/Tobimas Bowman
- Zachariah, "Zack," Bowman

8. Kanawha Co., (W) VA Censuses:
- 1810, 1820, and 1830 for Marshall Bowman
- 1830 census for John Bowman
- 1840 census- other Bowman Households

9. Sims Index to Land Grants in WV
- Marshall Bowman
- John Bowman

10. Application of Marshall Bowman for Pension on Account
of Service in the Revolutionary War

11. Testimony of Neighbors Concerning Marshall Bowman

12. Declaration and Order of the Court

13. Statement by Marshall Bowman, of Age and Revolutionary
Service. From Copy on file in Pension Bureau, Washington, D.C.

4. Kanawha Co., WV Deed made on July 11, 1842, between Isham Bailey
and wife Nancy (Jopling) Bailey, and William W. Fife. (Deed Bk. M, pp.
- More About this deed

15. Sources



Henrico Co., VA>Amherst Co., VA> Kanawha Co., WV

Marshall and Behethland's families were both of Henrico, then
Amherst county, Virginia, in the years before the American

Bowmans were probably descendants of Robert Bowman, Sr.,
born after 1600, in Scotland or England, and died before April
16, 1671, in Henrico Co., Virginia.

Joplings were probably descendants of Ralph Jopling, Sr., born
February 10, 1674, in Wolsingham, county Durham, England,
possibly the son of Arthur and Mary (Fetherstonebaugh) Jopling.
Ralph Jopling, Sr., died in 1720, in Henrico Co., Virginia.

Marshall Bowman was born in Amherst county, on October
13, 1760. Probably the son of Edward III and Anna
(Childers) Bowman, Marshall, at about age 16, moved with
his family, from Amherst county to North Carolina. During
the Revolution, Marshall enlisted three times, for three months
each. He served as a private under Captain Clark in General
Green's army and was at Wilmington, Delaware with General
McDowell's army, when Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown.

After the revolution, Marshall returned to Amherst county, and,
at age 33, on May 19, 1794, he was married there to Behethland
Jopling, who was 24 to 29-years-old. Behethland (b. 1770-1775),
in Virginia, was the daughter of Thomas Jr. and Sarah "Sally"
(Stevens) Jopling. Thomas Jopling, Jr., had been the Captain of
the Virginia militia in Amherst county. The marriage bond was
in Amherst county between Thomas Jopling, Jr., Behethland,
"Spinster," and Marshall, "Bachelor."

Marshall and Behethland left Amherst county for Kanawha
county, (West) Virginia, around 1798-1799. Behethland's
parents and some, or possibly all of her seven siblings also
migrated from Amherst to Kanawha county around this time.

Thomas Jopling, Jr., was born about 1745, the son of Thomas
Sr. and Hannah (Freeman) Jopling. Both of his parents were
born in Henrico Co. and died in Amherst Co., VA. Thomas Jr.
was married on April 6, 1772, in Amherst Co., VA, to Sarah,
"Sally" Stevens, the daughter of James Sr. and Behethland
(Taliaferro) Stevens.

Thomas and "Sally" had eight children, but besides Behethland,
only three other children have been "proven":

1) RALPH JOPLING (b. 1772-1779; m. in 1810, in Kanawha
Co., to Susannah Casdorph; a boatman on the Kanawha and
Ohio Rivers; died in 1810, in Kanawha Co.; he was murdered
by William Wilson, a schoolmaster, who hit Ralph in the head
with a rifle, killing him instantly. His parents, Thomas and
"Sally," witnessed the murder, with Andrew Cavender.

Ralph and Susannah's son, Franklin Jopling, was born 1810-
1811, after Ralph's death. Susannah remarried 1811-1820, to
a Mr. Perkins.

2) JAMES STEVENS JOPLING (b. Abt. 1777, in Jarretts
Ford, Kanawha Co., (W) VA; d. Aft. 1860; m1 in Amherst Co.,
VA, on Sept. 11, 1805, to Nancy Giddens- five children
(William, Louisa, Susan, Lucy Ann, and Nancy Joplin); m2
on Nov. 12, 1834, in Kanawha Co., to Rebecca White- two
children (Francis Marion and Jesse Joplin);

- Possibly the James Jopling in the1801 Kanawha Co. Tax List;

3) NANCY JOPLING: b. 1775-1796; d. Aft. 1842; m. in 1812,
in Kanawha Co., to Isham Bailey, Jr.;

- In 1820 Kanawha Co., (W) VA Census, p. 2, line 17 -
Isham Bailey, Jr.: 3 in household: 1 male 26-45; 1 female
26-45; and 1 female 45+

- In 1830 Kanawha Co., (W) VA Census, (Annotated), by
Richard F. Legg (1991), p. 183, line 05 & 07 - Two houses for
"Isam Baily" (probably Sr. and Jr.):

a) 183-05 has 10 persons in household: 4 white males, 4 white
females, and 2 black persons ;

b) 183-07 has 6 persons in household: 4 white males and 2 white

- In 1840 Kanawha Co., (W) VA Census, p. 39, line 15-
Isham Bailey Household: 6 Persons: One female age 5-10;
(Nancy not in household); 5 males: one 40-50; two 15-20; one
10-15; and one 5-10.

-Proof of parentage in Kanawha Co. deed of July 11, 1842,
between Isham Jr. and Nancy (Jopling) Bailey and William W.
Fife, Deed Bk. M, pp. 445-447. To see this document, go to the
end of this report Or to the Jopling List Archives, Vol. 97, Issue
19 (see "Sources" below for url).

Thomas Jr. and Sarah, "Sally," Jopling, and at least three
Of their eight children (Behethland, Ralph and Nancy), left
Amherst county and settled in Kanawha county in the early

A James Jopling, probably James Stevens, son of Thomas and
Sarah, appears in the 1801 Tax List for Kanawha County. The
book, Virginians in 1800: Counties of WV, by Steven Bridges,
lists two Joplings in the 1801 Tax List: Thomas and James.
Thomas had one white tithable, one black slave over age 16, and
two horses. James had one tithable and one horse.

James married Nancy Giddens, in Amherst county in 1805,
and they lived in Tennessee, where Nancy died and was buried
in the Old City Cemetery, Pulaski, TN, in Giles County. He
came to Kanawha county before his second marriage, in 1834,
to Rebecca White.

Some or all of the four "missing" children of Thomas Jr. and
Sarah might have come to Kanawha county with them.
Kanawha county records have several Joplings, who might be
these "missing" children:

- LUCY JOPLING: b. 1778; d. 1836; m. in Kanawha Co., on
June 1, 1802, to JOSEPH VINCENT, JR.; Lucy is very likely a
child of Thomas and Sarah's, and research is currently being
done to "prove" this;

-See Joyce Cooper's Vincent Family research for more on the
Joseph Vincent, Jr., Family (see url below in "Sources").

- EDWARD JOPLING: b. 1765-1784, by the 1810 Kanawha Co.
Census, with wife same age, and one son, b. 1800-1810, and
eight slaves. They are not in the 1820 Kanawha Co. Census;

- ELSIE JOPLING: b. Bef. 1784; m. in 1800, in Kanawha

- In 1810 Kanawha Co., (W) VA census, p. 21, line 1, by
Becky Falin, (1996) on internet: "Sharack Samuels"
3 Persons in household: 1 male 26-45; 1 female 26-45; and 1
female age 0-10.

- In 1820 Federal Census, Kanawha Co., (W) VA, compiled
By Sigfus Olafson and David A. Turner (1992), #21-19
"Shaderick Samuels"- 2 Persons in household: 1 male 26-45
and 1 female 26-45.

- THOMAS JOPLING: b. 1796, in VA;

- In the 1870 Kanawha Co., WV Census, by WVGS, Elkview,
WV, p. 90: Household #53-53 Robert Pritt Household - 7
Persons in household: Robert and wife Susan, four children,
Ages 6/12 to 6 yrs., and Thomas Jopling, age 74, b. VA, Farmer.

There are seven children, according to my research at this time:

1) ELIZABETH S. BOWMAN: b. 1790-1795; d. Abt. 1845,
in Cabell or Mason Co., WV; m. in 1812, in Kanawha Co., to
William Manning (Mannon), b. Abt. 1790, in Henry Co., VA;
d. 1882, in Mason Co., WV; m2 Mahala Forrest.

- Daughter Behetheline Manning, b. 1813-1815; m. by John Lee,
in Kanawha Co., on Feb. 12, 1829, to John Duncan, son of
William and Priscilla Duncan.


2) JOHN BOWMAN: b. Abt. 1798-1799, in VA; d. July 4,
1858, in Kanawha Co.; m. Abt. 1824, to Sarah (--) (b. 1807,
in VA; d. Aft. 1850).

- 9 children of John and Sarah (---) Bowman,
All born in VA, by 1850 Kanawha Co., (W) VA census:
Deliah (23); Louisa (22); James (20); Mary (18); Nancy (16);
Byno (14); Martha (11); Sarah (7); and Charles (1).

- Kanawha Co. Deed Bk. I-J, p. 512: John paid $200 for 40
acres of land on Coal River from Marshall and Behethland
Bowman to "their son John Bowman.";

- John's Will in Kanawha Co. Wills, Vol. 1, p. 702 (Dec. 18,
1858- Appraisal and Sale Bill).


1. Bk. I-J, p. 512: John paid $200 for 40 acres of land on Coal
River from Marshall and Behethland Bowman to "their son
John Bowman" (Feb 24, 1836);

2. Bk. I-J, p. 513: On same day, Feb 24, 1836, deed made
where John Bowman and wife Sarah sold 50 acres on Coal
River to Zechariah Bowman.

3. Bk. N, p. 403: Dec. 24, 1841, deed made for John to buy
land from James King and wife (recorded Dec. 2, 1843);

4. Bk. S, p. 136: June 4, 1853 deed for John to buy 3 acres
on Coal River from W. E. Wiley King and wife Dicy.

5. Bk. X, p. 574: Deed made on May 9, 1862, between
grantors Daniel Priestley and wife Martha E., heirs of John
Bowman, to sell land of John Bowman on Coal River, to
Beverly B. Bowman. Recorded Feb 15, 1865.

5 Grants (cards #62-66):

1. Nov. 20, 1833- 63 acres On S. of Coal River, the mouth of
Island Ck.- Grants 82, p. 386;

2. Nov. 28, 1833- 100 acres on waters of Coul River,
adjoining Michl. (*Marshal) Bowman- Grants 82, p. 385
(100 acres Survey made March 26, 1832, by virtue of Land
Office Exchange Treasury Warrant #2384, issued Aug. 31,
1821; on Coal River, adjoining lands of Marshial Bowman;

3. Nov. 30, 1838- 180 acres on Coal Riv. - Grants 89, p. 362;

4. Nov. 30, 1838- 485 " " " - Grants ---; and

5. Nov. 30, 1838- 363 " " " - Grants ---.

3) MARY "POLLY" BOWMAN: b. Aug. 7, 1802, in Rome,
Kanawha, later Lincoln Co., WV; d. on March 7, 1870, in
Lincoln Co., WV; m. on Aug. 21, 1831, in Kanawha Co., to
SAMUEL PRIESTLEY (b. April 20, 1789, in Rockbridge Co.,
VA, the son of William Jr. and Sarah (Beach) Priestley; d. March
1, 1870, in Lincoln Co., WV- 5 children with Mary "Polly"
(see list below); Samuel m1 in 1810, in Kanawha Co., to
ISABELLA HAZLETT -10 children (see below).

SAMUEL moved to Kanawha County, (W) Virgina, sometime
before April 4, 1809, when he was about 20 years old. He was
married first to ISABELLA HAZLETT, in 1810, in Kanawha
County, (West) Virginia.

In 1810, the state of Virginia granted Samuel Priestley 100
acres on Fuqua's Creek in Kanawha County. On April 14,
1812, he and Isabella deeded 50 acres of that land to Andrew
Polley. On Oct. 8, 1813, they deeded another 50 acres to Richard
Parsons. Thirty pounds was the price in both cases.

On Feb. 25, 1816, Richard Parsons deeded back to SAMUEL
the 50 acres at the Forks of Fuqua's Creek for $150.00. He and
ISABELLA lived on this farm from that time until he sold it to
Solomon Pauley on Oct. 18, 1836.

1) 1810 VA LAND GRANT for 100 acres on Fuquays Creek;
2) on June 3, 1829, for 100 acres on waters of Fuquay's Creek,
in Kanawha Co., WV.

SAMUEL served in the War of 1812 as a private in Capt. John
Wilson's Company, 2nd Reg. (Liet. Colonel Ambler, Liet.
Colonel Brown), Virginia Militia. His service was from Sept.
13, 1814, to Dec. 16, 1814, and his place of residence was
Kanawha County (Pay Rolls, VA Militia, War of 1812).



1. SAMUEL PRIESTLEY, JR. (b. 1811, in Charleston, (W)
VA; m. 17 Dec 1840, in Benton, MO (Scott Co.), to Mary
MCHERNEY; he was a carpenter in Kansas City and St. Joe);

2. SALLY PRIESTLEY (m. 20 Oct 1833, in Kanawha County,
(W) VA to Ralph Tolier BOWMAN- he was born 12 Mar 1812,
at Alum Creek, (W) VA);

3. WILLIAM PRIESTLEY (b. 1814, at Rome, (W) VA; m. 25
Oct 1836, in Kanawha County, to Elizabeth GRIFFITH);

4. JAMES QUINN PRIESTLEY (b. 11 May 1816, at Charleston,
(W) VA; d. 17 July 1904, at Windsor, MO (Henry Co.); m. 19
May 1840, at Benton, MO, to Mary Frances CLEVELAND);

Kanawha County, (W) VA; m. 2 Apr 1835 in Kanawha County,
to Solomon Mohaney PAULEY);

6. JOHN PRIESTLEY (b. 27 Sept 1819; m. Lizzie (--); resided
in western Kansas);

7. MARTHA ELLEN PRIESTLEY (b.20 July 1821, in Kanawha
County, (W) VA);

8. JANE PRIESTLEY (b. 29 Aug 1824; d. 20 Feb 1905, in
Hillsdale, Kansas; m. Jacob CATHEY);

9. ISABELLA PRIESTLEY (b. 11 June 1828, in Kanawha
County, (W) VA; d. 8 Aug 1898 in Henry, MO; m1 26 Oct 1844,
in Benton, MO, to Glover ASHBURY, m2 26 Oct 1848, in Benton,
MO, to James CARLETON); and


ISABELLA died on February 13, 1831, and on Aug 21, 1831,
Samuel remarried to MARY "POLLY" BOWMAN.

with five children, the first three born in Lincoln County, (W)
Virginia, and the fourth and fifth children were born in Benton
County, Missouri:

1. ROXANNA PRIESTLEY (b.1832, in Lincoln Co., (W) VA;
d. Boone Co., WV; m. 14 Feb 1847, in Kanawha Co., to Rev.
Aaron Jack GRIFFITH);

2. MARSHALL B. PRIESTLEY, SR. (b. 24 Dec1833, at
Priestley, (W) VA; d. 18 May 1915, at Alum Creek, WV;
m1 Bef. 1858 to Louvenia Griffith- 6 children;
m2 Abt. 1877, to Susanna E. Gillenwater- 5 children;
m3 Aft. 1886, to Abigail Jones;
m4 to Mary Elizabeth Robinson.

3. DANIEL M. PRIESTLEY (b. 1835, in Lincoln Co., (W)
VA; d. 1917, in Lincoln Co., WV; m. 4 Jan 1858, to Ellen

4. GEORGE BAXTER PRIESTLEY (b. 28 Nov 1839, in
Benton Co., MO; d. 20 Mar 1883, in Priestley, WV; m1 12 Dec
1861, in Charleston, WV, to Amanda STEPHENS, m2 ca. 1875-
1878 to Amanda HILL), and

5. ZACHARIAH B. PRIESTLEY (b. 28 Nov 1843, in Benton Co.,
MO; d. 11 Nov 1933, in Hillsdale, Kansas; m. 3 Jan 1866, in
Charleston, WV, to Margaret Mariah KING).

Samuel and Mary "Polly" went to Missouri two times,
and they returned to Lincoln Co., WV, in 1847 or 1848,
when Samuel built a log house on what was known as the
"Priestley Farm." That house burned down in 1878.

After the fire, George Baxter Priestley built a small house for
the family to live in while the main house was being built.
The small one later served as the kitchen and dining room.
George reared his ten children from his marriages to Amanda
Stephens and Amanda Hill, in this house. The house was then
Acquired by his son,Wilburn Chapman Priestley, Sr., and his
wife Edith, Isabel (McClure) Priestley, who raised their
children there.

SAMUEL died on March 1,1870, in Rome, Lincoln Co., WV,
at almost 81 years of age. He requested that he be buried on a
hilltop at Priestley Ridge, and, today, he is resting there, with
unmarked stones at head and foot.

MARY "POLLY" was living with her son GEORGE BAXTER
and AMANDA PRIESTLEY's family when the 1870 census was
taken, and she was 67 years old, then. She passed away, at age 67,
on March 7, 1870, six days after Samuel. She might have been
buried in the Priestley Family Cemetery, on Priestley Ridge, where
Samuel was buried, but it is unknown at this time.


4) LINDSEY BOWMAN: b. Sept. 4, 1808, in Richmond, VA;
died May 15, 1880, in Springfield Twp., Henry, MO; m. in
Mason, VA, on June 10, 1836, to Margaret Overshiner (b.
1819, in VA; d. Aft. 1876, Benton, MO.

- Lindsey Bowman was the grantee of land in Kanawha Co.,
WV, for a 1/2 acre lot in the "Village of Philippi."

- Lindsey Bowman was in 1850 Benton Co., MO census.

1. FRANCIS M. BOWMAN: b. May 23, 1837, Kanawha Co.,
WV; d. Nov. 5, 1888, in Newtonia, MO; m. Isabella S. A.

2. MARY BOWMAN: b. 1839, in VA;

3. ELIZA J. BOWMAN: b. 1841, in Benton, MO; m. Sam Davis;

4. VIRGINIA BOWMAN: b. 1845, in Benton, MO;

5. SARA BOWMAN: b. 1846, in Benton, MO;

6. CHARLES ABRAHAM BOWMAN: b. May 20, 1848, in
Benton, MO; d. May 13, 1925, in St. Clair, MO; m. July 2,
1877, in Benton, MO, to Mary Elizabeth MARTIN;

7. WILLIAM M. BOWMAN: b. 1850, in Benton, MO; m.
Victorene HUGHES;

8. CAROLINE B. BOWMAN: b. 1852, in Benton, MO; m.
Charlie NOONAN;

9. SUSAN BOWMAN: b. 1855, in Benton, MO;

10. LEWIS N. BOWMAN: b. 1857, in Benton, MO; and

11. MARGURETT BOWMAN: b. 1860, in Benton, MO.


5) LUSBY BOWMAN: b. Abt. 1810, in VA; Lusby in the 1840
Benton Co., MO census;

6) TOBINA/TOBIMAS BOWMAN: b. Abt. 1815, in VA;
Tobina in 1840 Benton Co., MO census; and

7) ZACHARIAH, "ZACK," BOWMAN: b. Abt. 1795 (or
1815 by the 1850 Benton Co., MO census);

- Kanawha Co., (W) VA Deed Bk. I-J, p. 513, on Feb. 24, 1836
for "Zechariah Bowman" to buy 50 acres of land on the Coal
River for $60 from John Bowman and wife Sarah ("Ex'd and
Del'd to Owner 7th Sept. 1839").

The last four children of Marshall and Behethland went to
Missouri, and it does not appear that they returned to West

In a Kanawha Co. deed of Sept. 12, 1839, Marshall and
Behethland sold land for $800 to James King. Behethland
died sometime after this; the date and place are unknown at
this time. Marshall moved to Benton Co., Missouri, and his
pension was transferred to their rolls on July 27, 1840. He
died there later that year.



1810 KANAWHA CO., (W) VA
2 males 0-10; 1 male 10-16; 1male 16-26; 1male 45 +; 1
female 0-10; 1 female10-16; 1 female 26-45.

1) Marshall b. 1760 (male over age 45);
2) Behethland b. 1772 (female age 26-45);
3) Zachariah b. Abt. 1795, or 1815, as in the Benton Co., MO
1850 census) (male 16-26);
4) John b. Abt. 1798-1799 (male age 10-16);
5) Lindsay b. 1808 and
6) Lusby b. Abt. 1810 (2 males age 1-10);
7) Elizabeth S. b. 1790-1795 (female age 10-16); and
8) Mary "Polly" b. 1802 (female age 8).

(8 Persons): one male over 45; 2 males 0-10 yrs.; 2 males
10-16 yrs.; and one male 18-26 yrs.; one female over 45
and one female 16-26.

Marshall would have been about 60 years old, and Behethland,
the woman over 45. There are five other males in the household:
two b. 1810-1820 (possibly Zack and Tobina); two b. 1804-
1810 (possibly Lindsey and Lusby); and one aged 18-26, b.
1794-1802 (John, b. Abt. 1798-1799).

Mary "Polly" was born in 1802, making her the female 16-26
yrs. old. The other female from the 1810 Census, Elizabeth S.,
married William Mannin in 1812 and left the household.

"MARTIAL BOMON" Household (5 Persons)
("Boone Co." in parenthesis):
1 white male 60-70 (Marshall); 1 white female 50-60
(Behethland); 1 white female 20-30 (Mary "Polly"); 1 white
male 10-15 (son b. ca. 1815-1820, possibly Tobina, b. Abt.
1815, or Zachariah, b. Abt. 1795 or 1815); and 1 white male
15-20 (son b. ca. 1810-1815, possibly Lusby, who was born
Abt. 1810).

Three of the males from the 1820 Kanawha Census (John
and Lindsey, Lusby, or Zack) had moved out by 1830.
John married Sarah in 1824, and he had left the household.

There are only two other Bowman households in the 1830
Kanawha Co. Census, and JOHN BOWMAN, Marshall's oldest
son, is one. The other one, PHILIP BOWMAN, is not known to
be connected to Marshall, yet, but could be:

1) JOHN BOMAN household: 1 wh. male 30- 40 (John);
1 wh. fm 20-30 (Sarah (--); and 2 daughters under the age
of 5; and

2) PHILLIP BOWSMAN household: (I didn't get the
information, yet)

3 BOWMAN households:
1) BENJ. ;
2) JNO.; and

They could be the same Jonathan/John and Phillip Bowman as
In 1830 Census, and Benjamin Bowman could be other son of
Marshall who was not in the 1830 Census. Need to research

BOWMAN households included LUSLEY and TOBIMAS

Kanawha Co., (W) VA:

1) MARSHALL BOWMAN, in 1833 , 153 acres on the W.
side of Coal River (Bk. 2, p. 357);

2) JOHN BOWMAN, in 1833, got 100 acres "Adj. M.
Bowman on Coal River" and 63 acres "Below Mth. Is. Cr."
(Bk. 2, p. 263).

On October 20,1833, in Kanawha County, Marshall
Bowman applied for his soldier's pension, and the certificate
was issued on November 15, 1833. His claims were supported
by David Harbour and Charles Jones.

On Feb 24, 1836, Marshall and Behethland Bowman were
grantors of deed for 40 acres on Coal River to their son John

On that same day, a deed was made where John Bowman was
the grantor of land on Coal River to Zachariah Bowman.

Marshall and Behethland made their last Kanawha County
deed on September 12, 1839, selling for $800 to James King
and wife Mary all the tract he got in the Aug. 28, 1805 patent
on Coal River (except 40 acres which were sold to son John
Bowman in 1836), about 113 acres. Behethland might have died
after the deed and before going to Missouri with Marshall, or
she might have died on the trip there, or after they got there.

>From the deed selling all the land, it appears that she and
Marshall had planned to leave for good and move to Benton
County, Missouri, to be with some of their children who had
settled there (sons Lusby and Tobimas were there in 1840
Census, and Lindsay and Zachariah had moved there before
the 1850 Census).

Marshall died at about 80 years old, in Benton County,
sometime after July 27, 1840 (when his pension was
changed to the rolls in Missouri) and before November
of 1840. He was buried in Benton County, Missouri.

- Compiled by M. L., "Peggy," Green
August 1998

The following are documents related to Marshall Bowman's
service in the American Revolution which were shared with
me by Jim L. Bowman.


At a Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery held for
Kanawha county the 21st day of Oct. 1833. Present: Lewis
Summers, Esq., one of the Judges of the General Court of
Virginia and Judge of the 19th Circuit of the Tenth Judicial
District. State of Virginia, Kanawha county, to wit:

On this 21st day of October, 1833, personally appeared in
open court, before Lewis Summers, Judge [etc., as above],
now sitting, Marshall Bowman, a resident of Cede River, in
the County of Kanawha, and State of Virgina, aged seventy-
three years, who, being first duly sworn according to law, on
his oath makes the following declaration in order to obtain the
benefit of the Act of Congress of June 7, 1832; That he entered
the service of the United States under the following named
officers and served as here-in stated.

The said applicant was born in Amherst county, Virginia. At
the age of 16, he, together with his father's family, removed to
and settled in Burke county, N. C. When about 19 years of age,
and, he thinks in the year 1779, in the month of October, he
volunteered his services as a private soldier in a company that
was at that time being raised in said County of Burke, none of
the officers of which are now recollected by this affiant, and
marched to join the regular forces of the South, under
command of General Greene, on Christmas Eve of 1779,
and a few days after joining the army of Greene they crossed
the Peace river and marched to the Cheraw Hills, where the
American forces took up their winter quarters. In this
campaign this affiant enlisted for three months, and at the
expiration of that time he was discharged. He returned home,
and in the summer, or close of spring of 1781, he again
enlisted for a campaign of three months against the Indians,
who then infested the northwestern frontier of North Carolina.
This affiant can not recollect the name of any other officer of
this company (which he thinks was composed of about 100 men)
but that of the colonel, who was named Wanford. In this
campaign they constituted a fort on the head of the Catawba
river (called, this affiant thinks, Cass's Fort), and for the term
of enlistment (3 months) ranged about the waters of French
Broad. The Indian campaign being ended, he was discharged
and again returned home, and immediately thereafter
revolunteered in a company of militia that Capt. McFarland
was raising in Burke county. This was for a like campaign of
three months against the British, who then, this affiant believes,
had possession of Wilmington in said State of North Carolina.
At this time quite a large regiment had been raised in Burke
county, and Capt. McFarland's company joined it on its march
to Wilmington in said State of North Carolina. At this time
quite a large regiment had been raised in Burke county, and
Capt. McFarland's company joined it on its march to
Wilmington. This declarant remembers that McDowell was
the general, and White the major. The division of the
American Army under General McDowell encamped in the
vicinity of Wilmington, and was there lying when the
intelligence of Lord Cornwallis' surrender at Yorktown
occasioned the British to return from Wilmington. In the
course of a few weeks after this event McDowell's army was
disbanded, the term of three months having been completed.

During the service of this applicant there was no engagement
between the American and British forces. He received a
written discharge on each occasion of his retirement from
service, but these have long since been lost. He has, therefore,
no documentary evidence of his service, nor does he know any
one who can testify to it. The whole period thereof was nine
months; this he distinctly recollects -- ending late in the
autumn of 1781, shortly after the surrender, as before stated,
of Cornwallis.

After the revolution this affiant moved back to Amherst county,
Va., where he resided four or five years. He then moved to this
(Kanawha) county, where he now resides. He hereby
relinquishes any claim whatever to a pension, except the present,
and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the
agency of any state.

Sworn and subscribed to the day and year aforesaid.
Teste: A. W. QUANIER, Clk.


We, David Harbour, a clergyman, residing in the county
of Kanawha, and Charles Jones, residing in the same county,
hereby certify that we are well acquainted with Marshall
Bowman, who has subscribed and sworn to the above
declaration; that we believe him to be seventy-three years
of age; that he is reported and believed in the neighborhood
where he resides to have been a soldier of the Revolution, and
that we concur in that opinion.
Teste: A. W. QUANIER, Clk.


And the said court hereby declares its opinion, after
investigation of the matter, and after putting the
interrogatories prescribed by the Department, that the above
named applicant was a revolutionary soldier and served as he
states; and the court further certifies that it appears to it that
the Rev. David Harbour, who has signed the preceding
certificate is a clergyman, and a respectable Baptist preacher,
resident of Kanawha county, and that Charles Jones, who has
also signed the same is a resident of the same county, and is a
credible and respectable person, and that said statement is
entitled to credit.

The judge of this court further directs it to be certified that
he has known Marshall Bowman, the applicant for many years,
and that from his general character as to probity and truth he is
fully satisfied of the general accuracy of his declaration and that
he is justly entitled to the pension which he seeks to obtain.

All which is ordered to be certified to the War Department.


Marshall Bowman. Pen. Receives $30 per annum.

I, the undersigned, Marshall Bowman, in pursuance of
the requisition of the Secretary of War, give the following
statement of my age and Revolutionary Service.

I was born Oct. 13, 1760. Lived in Burke county during
the War of the Revo. When in my 18th year of age (I can't
tell the year) I volunteered for three months. Marched from
Burke county under Captain Mordecai Clark to Cheraw
Hills; there found Gen. Green's Army; can't remember the
name of my colonel, nor the number of my regiment. The
army marched to Salisbury, at which place my time expired.
I got my discharge and returned home. In same year (as well
as I can remember), I volunteered again for three months.
Went from same county under Captain McFarlan to French
Broad; was ranging against the Indians; was in the service for
three months. Perhaps the same fall (won't be certain) I
volunteered again for three months, under the last mentioned
captain. Went to Wilmington, joined a regiment under General
McDowell. Was in the service three months. Whilst there we
received the news of the capture of Lord Cornwallis. I procured
affidavits from North Carolina proving my service."
------End of Section from Jim L. Bowman------------------



KANAWHA CO., WV, DEED BK. M, pp. 445-447, between
WILLIAM W. FIFE, made on July 11, 1842.

This proves that Nancy is one of Thomas and Sarah "Sally"
(Stevens) Jopling's eight children.

"This Indenture made this the 11th day of July in the year
of our Lord one thousand eight-hundred and forty-two,
between Isham Bailey and Nancy Bailey his wife of the first
part and William W. Fife of the second part all of the county
of Kanawha and state of Virginia. Witneseth, whereas the said
Nancy Bailey who is one of the children of distributees of
Thomas Jopling Deceased did at and since the time of her
Intermarriage with the said Isham Bailey bring to him
Sundary property and estate, which hath been used and
consumed for their joint benefit and maintanance but the
said Isham hath never at any time made any settlement or
provision for the said Nancy, who is now in needy and
indigent circumstances. And whereas the said Nancy Bailey
as one of the children and distributees of said Thomas
Jopling Deceased is entitled to a portion of the estate of
Thomas Jopling the elder late of the county of Albemarle
under and by virtue of the said Thomas the elders last will
and testament and of a decree lately rendered by the Circuit
Superior Court of Law and Chancery of Albemarle County
in a suit therein lately desending between James Jopling
Senior & others Plaintiff and Reuben B. Patterson
administrator with will annexed of Jese (* looks like "Jepe")
Jopling Deceased and others Defendants. And whereas the
said Nancy Bailey as one of the children of Sally Jopling the
wife of the said Thomas Jopling Deceased is also entitled to
her distributable share and proportion of the estate and
property of James Stevens Deceased & Behethalan Stevens
his Widow Deceased late of the county of Nelson in the state
of Virginia her maternal grand father and grand mother, and
the said Isham Bailey being willing and desirous to convey and
assign over his marital rights and claims in and to his said
wifes right title and interest share and proportion of in and
to the estate and property, money or other thing whether
legal or equitable, real or personal accruing to her or to him
in her right from the estates herein before mentioned. And
that the same shall be conveyed to and held in trust by
the said William W. Fife to and for the use interest and
purposes herein after described and declared. And the said
Nancy Bailey hereby testifying her asent and agreement
thereto, and her full acceptance thereof. Now therefore this
Indenture witnesseth that for and in consideration of the
premises as well as for the further consideration of the sum
of five dollars to them in hand paid by the said William W.
Fife at and before the sealing and delivery of these presents,
The receipt whereof they do hereby acknowledge the said
Isham Bailey and Nancy his wife have bargained and sold
assigned, set over and transferred unto him the said William
W. Fife his executors, administrators, and assigns all the
estate right title and interest real or personal, legal or
equitable which the said Nancy Bailey as one of the children
of Thomas Jopling and Sally his wife deceased or the said
Isham Bailey in her right fare marite, hath or have, now or
hereafter, to become due and owing to them or either of them,
either as legatees, devisees heirs or distributees of the estates
of Thomas Jopling the elder or of the said James Stevens, and
Behethalna Stevens, or otherwise howsoever, to have and to
hold the said estate right title, interest, claim and demand in
the estates afore-said and herein conveyed and assigns or
intends to be conveyed and assigned unto him the said William
W. Fife his executors, administrators and assigns, upon trust
nevertheless and to and for the uses interests and purposes
following 1st the said William W. Fife shall collect-receive
and hold in his possession all the said estate, right title,
property, and interest, whether the same shall consist of lands,
money or other personalty, in trust for the seperate use of the
said Nancy Bailey free from the control of the said Isham
Bailey and free and exempt from all liability or charge for the
past, present, or future debts, liabilities or engagements of the
said Isham Bailey, or the said Nancy or either of them, either
jointly or severally. the said William W. Fife by and with
the assent and approbation of the said Nancy Bailey, or at
his discretion shall, from time to time as occasion may
require apply the interest and profits of estates, money etc.
to the use benefit and comfortable support and maintenance of
the said Nancy and her said husband during their joint lives and
the life of the survivor, or until the fund aforesaid shall be
exhausted, and in case the annual profits and interest shall be
deemed inadequate to the purposes aforesaid, the said William
W. Fife his executors, etc. may in his or their discretion apply
such portion of the capital of said fund and estates or property
as he or they may think reasonable and proper for the purpose
of support and maintanance herein contemplated & intended
to be provided and if at the death of the survivor of the said
Isham Bailey and Nancy Bailey, there shall be any part of the
fund, property or estate aforesaid remaining unappropriated
or unescpended according to the provisions and true intent and
meaning of this deed of trust the same shall descend and be
distributed amongst the legal heirs & representatives of the said
Nancy Bailey of her own blood and lineage. In witness whereof
The parties aforesaid have hereunto set their hands and seals
this the day and year herein before first written."
(Signed & marked by Isham Bailey, Nancy Bailey and
William W. Fife)


Kanawha Co., (W) VA Deed Bk. M, p. 447:

"State of Virginia Kanawha County - We John C. Thomas
and Alex Wallace, Justices of the peace in county aforesaid
in the state of Virginia do hereby certify that Isham Bailey
and Nancy Bailey his wife & William W. Fife to a certain
deed bearing the date on the 11th day of July 1842, and
hereunto annexed personally appeared before us in our
county aforesaid and acknowledged the same to be their
act and deed and desired us to sertify their said
acknowledgement to the Clerk of the County Court of
Kanawha in order that said deed may be recorded. Given
Under our hands and seals this 11th day of July 1842.
(Signed by John C. Thomas and Alex Wallace)
Kanawha County Court Clerks office 11th July 1842
This deed was this day presented to me and thereupon
together with the certificate thereto annexed is admitted
to record.
(Signed: teste A. W. Quarrier Clk.)"
------End of this deed, but there are many more for Isham
Bailey- some are probably for his father, Isham Bailey, Sr.

There is an APPRAISAL BILL regarding the property of
ISHAM BAILEY Deceased, in court on Sept. 26, 1851, and
it was presented in court on April 19, 1852 (Kanawha Co.,
(W) VA Will Bk. 1, pp. 519-521).

I think this is Isham Bailey, Jr., Nancy's husband, so he must
have died Bef. Sept. 26, 1851. There was an earlier inventory
of an Isham Bailey's property on Jan. 23, 1835; the inventory
was made by four men including Isham Bailey who was the
administrator. This probably being inventory of Isham SR.'s
property. (Kanawha Co., (W) VA WILL BK 1, pp. 187 &

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