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His will, 18 Jan 1775,
Amherst County, p. 192: Tract of land to be kept by exe-
cutors to raise children until 21 years of age; youngest son

Royall to have tract of land-, Executors: Ralph Jopling, Thomas
Jopling, Josiah Jopling.
vii Jane Jopling, m. Robert Davis (Jane Davis, widow of Robert Davis
is granted administration of his estate March 1782).
viii Lucy Jopling, in. Edmund Powell.
+ix Rebecca Jopling (17)
+X Hannah Jopling, (18)
First Census of Virginia - 1790:
Amherst County - 1783: Whites Blacks
Jopling, Thomas 5 7
Jopling, Thomas, Jr. 8 3
Amherst County census - 1784:
Jopling, Thomas - 2 whites over 21 ; 8 slaves over 16; 3 slaves under 16; 11 slaves total; 2 horses; 8 cattle.
Amherst County census - 1785:
Jopling Thomas - whites - 5; 1 dwelling; 6 other buildings Jopling, Thomas, Jr. - whites - 8 1- 1 dwelling; 3 other buildings
Amherst County tax records: 1792 Thomas Jopling Estate - Capt. Thomas Jopling; 1793 Thomas Estate - Capt. Thomas Jopling
Some D.A.R. applicants, giving 3. Thomas Jopling as their Revolutionary ancestor. have designated him as "Captain" but the above tax records show conclusively that it was his son, 16. Thomas Jopling, who was the captain.
D.A.R. records show that Thomas Jopling served as captain in the Virginia militia from Amherst County.
Public Service Claims, Amherst County, Certificates:
Then Received on Publick Account of Mi. Thomas Jopling three Stears, Amounting to Thirteen Hundred pounds which the said Jopling is entitled to Receive of the Treasurer of this state within Six Months front the Date here of' Togeather with Intrest at the Rate of Six P Centurn P Annurn Agreable to an Act entitled "an Act for Percuring a Supply of Provisions and Other Necefsaryes for the use of the Army by
Henry Martin Commifn.
El 300 Amherst County
"To Capt. Jarnes Matthews for collecting and driving beef to Mr. Thomas J Jopling's 19 Sept 1780."
"To Thomas Jopling. Buckingham Co., 1781, 5 lbs. 16 shillings for 700 lbs ot'grass-fed beet'." Public Services. P. 25.

Mr. Charles H. Hamlin, of Richmond, Va. says this means Mr. Jopling's plantation was used as a gathering place for supplies for the American army.
Other public service claims (originals in Virginia State Library):
Thomas Jopling Buckingham County
Benjamin Jopling Amherst County
James Jopling
Josiah Jopling
Thomas Jopling, Sr.
Note by Charles H. Hamlin: The following patents were all issued and granted to Thomas Jopling in the County of Albemarle:
Book 29, p. 274 - 12 July 1750 - 293 acres on both sides of Green Creek of Rockfish River
Ibid, p. 275 same date - 100 acres
11, p. 276 " " - 150 "
Book 31, p. 5 - 20 Sept 1751 - 300 acres on north side of south fork of Rockfish River
Ibid, p. 6 - same date - 400 acres
Book 33, p. 856 - 20 Aug 1760 - 400 acres on head branches of Gleady and Briery Creeks
Book 34, p. 528 - 10 June 1760 - 366 acres on north side of Rockfish River including two small islands called the Swift Islands.
Ibid, p. 529 - same date - 200 acres on both sides of Rockfish.
Book 40, p. 785 - I Aug 1772 - 274 acres on branches of Bate Branch of Glaidy Creek.
Book 41, p. 358 - 15 June 1773 - 400 acres on head branches of south fork Rockfish River
Ibid, p. 359 - same date - 30 acres same bounds
11 , same page - same date - 400 acres same bounds -
Book 42, p. 540 - 5 July 1773 - 391 acres on branches of south fork of Rockfish River.

Goochland Co., Va. Deeds: 17 June 1729 Indenture between John Parish of James City County and Thomas Jopling of Goochland; for 10 pounds Parish sells Thomas Jopling 200 acres in Goochland on a branch of Tuckahoe Creek.
Henrico Co., Va. Wills and Deeds, 1725-37; P. 519: 17 Dec 1735, Henry Holman of Goochland County to Thomas Jopling; sells him 343 acres in Henrico County on both sides Deep Run near Tuckahoe Creek as by patent to said Henry Holman 29 Sept last. Land to be divided according to will of George Freeman dec'd. Signed - Henry Holman. Witnesses: J. Williams, William X Chumney.
Albemarle Co., Va. Deed Book 2, p. 29: 9 Mar 1758, Indenture in which Thomas Jopling of the county of Albemarle, sells to Samuel Bailey of the same county, for 10 pounds, 134 acres of land in said county on both sides of Green Creek, adjoining lands of Thomas Jopling, Ralph Jopling, etc. Witnesses: John

Peter, Nathan Bond, Lee Harris. Recorded same date. (Signs by mark "T")
Amherst Deeds 1761-1815, Book B, p. 324: 4 July 1768 - Thomas Jopling, Amherst County, to his son, Josiah Jopling, 530 acres N. side and adjoining Rockfish for love borne for his son. Original delivered to James Jopling 14 Mar 1792. X of Thomas.
Book B, p. 323: 4 July 1768, Thomas Jopling, Amherst County, to Benjamin Childers, Amherst County - for love borne for his son-in-law, Childers - 200 acres on S. side of Rockfish. Lines: Col. John Chiswell; Michael Mountgenery (sic); Josiah Jopling.
Book B, p. 325: 4 July 1768, Thomas Jopling, Amherst County, to John Griffin, his son-in-law, of Amherst County - 323 acres. Lines: Wm. Harris; James Mountgomery; John Mountgoinery; Chiswell; Benj. Childers - South side of Rockfish. Margin states that upon order original delivered to Shelton (first name blurred) in Oct 1789, (Note: This order probably refers to a chancery suit of some sort, etc. Bailey Davis)
Albemarle Deed Book 4, p. 309: 13 Nov 1766, Thomas Jopling, St. Ann's Parish of Albemarle Co., to Jno. Hampton, same parish and county, 12 pds. for 366 acres -patented to Thomas Jopling at Williamsburg on 10 June 1760, and on north side of and joining Rockfish; also small islands called Swift Islands. Lines of Allin Howard; John Childer and Michael Thomas.
Book F, p. 233: 7 Apr 1788, Thomas Davis, Lincoln County, Kentucky, gives power of attorney to Thomas Jopling, Amherst County to act for him and to sue and recover 1400 acres for him. Said land is in Montgomery County and is held by Thomas Upton. It is on S. side of the Great Canaway - "which Robert Davis, my father, bought of James Mooney and which descended to me as heir at law of Robert Davis." Davis then speaks of another 1400 acres adjoining this first tract and gives Jopling power to convey it to his (Davis's) sisters, seven in number: Nanneh (or so it appears); Abigale Davis, Jane Davis; Martha Davis; Lucy Davis; Ann Davis; and Polley Davis, and two-thirds of the rest to his two brothers, Robert and Olander Davis. If the first tract is not recovered Jopling is to convey lands now held by Davis. Witnesses: Richard Farrar; Michael Thomas; Thos. Jopling; Sherrod Griffin.
Amherst Co., Va. Deed Bk. 1, p. 329: 23 Dec 1801 - Indenture in which James Jopling and Martha, his wife-Edmund Powell and Lucy, his wife - Pleasant Martin and Rebeccah, his wife - Hannah Allen - and John Griffen - parties of one part - sell to Edward and Holeman lopling - of the other part - for $10.00 (deed of gift, actually) 1, 8131/2 acres Of land in KaDawha (sic) Co., Va. (now West Virginia) - on the right hand fork of Thirteen Mile Creek, which is a branch Of the Great Kenhawa (sic) - which land was patented to Thomas Jopling, etc. Witnesses: William Lee Harris - Benjamin Childress - Richard C, Pollard - Jesse Jopling - William Dixon - no date of acknowledgment or of recording)
Thomas Jopling, Sr. seems to have bought, sold, and given away a good many acres of land during his lifetime.
Albemarle County Court Order Book 1744-45 - 45-46, p. 25

Thomas Jopling is appointed surveyor of the highway from Rockfish to Hardware in the Room of John Johns and the hands formerly appointed to work on said Road Except Capt. Nevill's are ordered to assist the said Jopling in Clearing the same.
William Carpenter tells he volunteered as private to guard prisoners at Albemarle Barracks; drafted 1780 under Capt. William Harris - "We met at one old Mr. Jopling's, on Rockfish River and marched to Richmond."
ANNALS OF SOUTHWEST VIRGINIA 1769-1800 by Lewis Preston Summers, Abingdon, Va. 1924. "Journal of Dr. Thomas Walker 1749-50", p. 8:
Nite before in Albemarle Co., Va.
Mar. 7. Wee set off about 8, but the day proving wet, wee only went to Thomas Joplings's on Rockfish. This is a pretty river, which might at small expence be made fit for transporting tobacco ....
Mar. 8 We left Jopling's lady ....