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Josiah Jopling

Nelson County Will Book B, p.89 ff: A long report on the estate of Josiah Jopling; begins before Nelson was formed and the first date is 21 December 1798, but the final report was not recorded until 24 January 1820. Nelson County was formed 1807> James and William are first Jopling to appear and they brought various thing. Thomas Jopling got slaves in 1801; Jesse got slaves in 1799 and so did James. A reciept was issued to Benjamin Childress on account of Martha Bridgewater. Susanna Jopling is mentioned and a balance on bond of James and William Jopling. A wool hat for Holeman Joplin c st 8 shillings. Edward W. Jopling got money for making six pairs of shoes in November 1799. In October cash was paid out for leather breeches for Edward, Holeman, Thomas, and Bennett. May of 1800 money was expended for "Paleing the grave yard at the church". Saddles were bought and bridles for Holeman and Thomas Jopling. Edward W. Jopling makes more shoes - ten pairs in all. William Jopling gets money for sole leather. Mention is made of the estate of Thomas Jopling, deceased, and money for a colt for Thomas Jopling, Jr. Eighty pounds each advanced for legacies to Edward W.; William; Holeman; Thomas; Bennett; Sarah Jopling - 50 pounds. Ralph Bowman is paid for boarding H. Jopling. James and Thomas Jopling were paid for cleaning and moving wheat in 1803. Thomas and Bennett got land for four years in 1807. Elizabeth B. Jopling got a legacy and so did Samuel Bridgewater and the other heirs mentioned above. There are two different sets of signatures in two different places: Edward W.; Holeman; Bennett; Thomas; Samuel Bridgwater; James Jopling, and William Jopling. The final committee report is signed and recorded on 24 Jan 1820, by Samuel Bridgwater; Thomas Jopling; David Turnham; Edward W. Jopling; Holeman Jophng; and Bennett Jopling.