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James Stevens Jopling

"Among the very first persons who came to Kanawha, was James Jopling. He purchased a homestead on the waters of Mill Creek, Elk river shortly after the beginning of the present century, and resided there until the time of his death, which occurred about ten years ago.(1866) He was a man of powerful frame, and loved adventure. He was a noted trapper, hunter, and Indian fighter, and delighted in relating his narrow escapes and wonderful feats in the woods life. he has a number of relatives who reside upon and in the vicinity of the old homestead, on Jopling's branch."

"Elk and buffaaloes also abounded in the Kanawha and Elk Valleys. The last buffalo seeh here was killed on Little Coal river, in what is now Boone County, about a half century ago, and the last elk was killed by James Jopling, on the waters of Indian creek of Elk river, about the same time."

From the History of Kanawha County by Geo. W. Atkinson, A.M. 1876