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I, Rebecca Jopling of Nelson County, State of Virginia, being infirm of body but of sound mind, in view of the uncertainty of life, do make this my Last Will and Testament.

Item 1st I wish my body be decently buried and after all the necessary expenses thereof are paid, I will and request the following disposition of my property.

Item 2nd I give and bequeath to Bluford Ball and Lucinda his wife, for the term of their lives, and at their death to descend to their daughter Ann Maria Ball, a Negro Woman named Violet and two boys named Sam and Jim, and in case of the death of the Said Ann Maria Ball dying unmarried, these slaves are to revert back to my other children and their heirs.

Item 3rd I give and bequeath to Ann Maria Ball, the daughter of said Bluford Ball and Lucinda his wife, the sum of two thousand dollars, which sum is to be held in trust for said Ann Maria Ball's use by Lewis ball, until said Ann Maria Ball shall become of age or shall be married.

Item 4th I give an bequeath to Nathaniel Townsend and Sally his wife, during their lifetime, and at their death to their children, the following slaves Edmond a boy and a girl by the name of Nancy.

Item 5th I give and bequeath to Nathaniel Townsend and Sally his wife, a portion of my land adjoining the lands of said Nathaniel Townsend's tract as follows. The line is to commence at the corner of Said Nathaniel Townsend's fence, and running a straight line to Powell's line, said line touching the north corner of my new clearing, and all the land lying north of said line is the portion allotted to Nathaniel Townsend and his wife Sally.

Item 6th I give and bequeath to my son Jesse Austin, the following slaves, Cleaton a boy and Betsy a girl, for the term of Said Jesse Austin's life, and at his death to the children of his first wife.

Item 7th I give and bequeath to my son Jesse Austin, my dwelling house and all my lands except those given to Nathaniel Townsend and Sally his wife.

Item 8th I give and bequeath to my Granddaughter, Susan Austin, now living with me, the sum of fifty Dollars, to be held in trust, by my grandson William Austin, for the use of said Susan Austin until her marriage, or until she shall become of age.

Item 9th It is my desire that all the Slaves bequeathed above shall be fairly appraised, and to go as bequeathed at such appraised value.

Item 10th I wish my household, kitchen furniture, stock of all kinds, crops of all kinds, an all other property not otherwise provided for to be sold a public sale, and that the proceeds thereof be applied so as to make Bluford Ball and Lucinda his wife, Jesse Austin, and Nathaniel Townsend and Sally his wife equal as to their portions of slaves, after which the balance is to be equally divided among them.

Item 11th It is my desire that William S. Murrill, and Nathaniel Townsend shall be the executors of this my last will and Testament, and they carry out all its provisions.

In testimony where of I whereof I set my hand and seal in the presence of Jesse Townsend and George M. Drumheller on this ---- day of February One Thousand and Eight Hundred and fifty Two.

H. I. Blair her
Wm. H. Bowman Rebecca Jopling (seal)
Wm. S. Smith mark

At a court held for Nelson County on the 23rd day of March 1852 this instrument of writing purporting to be the last will and Testament of Rebecca Jopling was produced in said court and proved by the oaths of W. H. Bowman and Wm. S. Smith, tow subscribing witnesses hereto and ordered to be recorded, and on the motion of Wm. S. Murrell and Nathaniel Townsend the Ex'or in said will mentioned who make oath and together with Abner Fitzpatrick and Wm. H. Bowman their securities entered into and acknowledged at bond in the penalty of $7000 conditioned according to_____said will is granted herein.

Teste Thomas J. Ma-----

The foregoing consisted of three pages is a true copy of will record in my office in will book J, page 104. Teste: Lucy S. Barnett, Circuit Court of Nelson County, VA.