Satu Joplin Woodland is authoring a new book on the Joplin(g) family project. Satu Woodland is actively seeking Joplin family members who would like to contribute to this new book. In a recent communication Satu shared:

"The Jopling/Joplin book is coming along nicely. However, I haven't heard
from many of you and want to give you an incentive! If you will send me your
family history information, leaving out any information you don't want
published, I will send you a beautiful Jopling/Joplin descendent chart of
Ralph Jopling 1. This chart was lovingly made by my great grandfather,
William Alonzo Joplin Sr., whom made it after a request from the authors of
the book I am updating: "The Jopling-Joplin Family with Some of Their
Connections in England and America" by Adams, Eason and Fricks. It is about
3 feet wide and 2 feet high. I have it on my wall surrounded by family
pictures. Hopefully, it will be on the Joplin website soon, as I have sent
it to Carol Capshaw. Check it out, if you haven't seen it! My personal
email address is, if you are interested in getting one! Satu
Joplin Woodland