Compiled by M. L., "Peggy" Green
August 1998


1. Introduction: Bowman and Jopling Ancestry

2. Bowman Name

3. Marshall Bowman and Behethland Jopling

4. Thomas Jr. and Sarah (Stevens) Jopling

5. Children of Thomas Jr. and Sarah Jopling

- Ralph Jopling
- James Stevens Jopling
- Nancy (Jopling) Bailey

6. Amherst Co., VA>Kanawha Co., (W) VA

7. Four possibles for "missing" children of Thomas

- Lucy (Jopling) Vincent
- Edward Jopling
- Elsie (Jopling) Samuels
- Thomas Jopling (b. Abt. 1796, VA)

8. Marshall & Behethland's Seven Children

- Elizabeth S. (Bowman) Manning: 1 daughter
- John Bowman: 9 children
- Mary "Polly" (Bowman) Priestley: 5 children
- Lindsey Bowman: 11 children
- Lusby Bowman
- Tobina/Tobimas Bowman
- Zachariah, "Zack," Bowman

9. Kanawha Co., (W) VA Censuses:

- 1810, 1820, and 1830 for Marshall Bowman
- 1830 census for John Bowman
- 1840 census- other Bowman Households

10. Sims Index to Land Grants in WV

- Marshall Bowman
- John Bowman

11. Application of Marshall Bowman for Pension on Account of Service in the Revolutionary War

- Testimony of Neighbors Concerning Marshall -BowmanDeclaration and Order of the Court

-Statement by Marshall Bowman, of Age and Revolutionary Service. From Copy on file in Pension Bureau, Washington, D.C.

12. Kanawha Co., WV Deed made on July 11, 1842, between Isham Baileyand wife Nancy (Jopling) Bailey, and William W. Fife. (Deed Bk. M, pp. 445-447).
- More About this deed

13. Marshall Bowman Family Land Records

14. Sources