Civil War Poem

There was Fayette, Bruce Young and Morris

Leed Lyon and Billy too;

I shall never forget dear comrades,

That I fought in the Sixties with you.


Of the things that I am about to write

of all men you should

For they happened in the Sixties

More than sixty years ago.


Fed on starvation rations

And clothed in rags you know;

With the Heavens for our shelter,

We tailed through the drifted snow.


Our pantaloons were bursted,

From the waist band to the knee;

Oh! how we boys did suffer,

It was frightful just to see.


You remember the low quartered horse skin shoes,

And the the sockless feet therein;

The rust rings around the ankle

And the pants up to the shin.


We faced the northern wintry blast

Through rain, hail ice and snow,

But when ever the bugle sounded

We were ready to go.


We were fighting for our homes and loved ones,

Against a vandal foe;

The greatest set of roguish, thieving scoundrels

We hope the world will ever know.


We were fighting for our rights

Guaranteed by the Constitution;

Vouches left to us by the blood of our forefathers

Who fought in the Revolution.


Those times were full of trouble

But few are left to know;

For they happened in the Sixties,

More than sixty years ago.


Old time has wrought its havoc,

And left but very few

Who belonged to the grandest army

This old world ever knew.


We have crossed wars rugged mountains,

We are resting on the plains;

But the roads over which we traveled,

Were strown with the dead and the maimed.


Then you and I were young and strong,

And hardhip could indure;

But now we are old and feeble

And nearing the other shore.


Soon the time and things that have known us

Will know us here no more;

We will join our departed loved ones

On that peaceful happy shore.


'Tis sad to think of parting

That we shall see our friends no more;

But beyond the bound of time and space

We shall meet to part no more.

John T. Stevens

Grandson of James Stevens and Behethland Taliaferro Stevens

Cousin of Francis Marion Joplin and Jesse Joplin

Civil War Roster


 A. Joplin  Private  Co. C, 28th Texas Cavalry
 A.G. Joplin  Captain  Capt. Reeve's Co. Ark. Cavalry
 Allen P.Joplin   Private  Co. A, 15th Missouri Cavalry
A. J. Joplin   Private   Capt. Kelly's Co. Chesterfield Art.
 D.C.Joplin   Private  Co. B, 16th Missouri Infantry
 DorseyJoplin   Private   Capt. Kelly's Co. Chesterfield Art
 Francis M. Joplin  Private  Co. C. 7th WV Cavalry
George Joplin   Private  Co. K. 58th N. Carolina Infantry
George W.Joplin  Lieut.  Co. K, 14th Texas Cavalry
 J. A.Joplin   Private  Co. A, Terry's Regt. Texas Cavalry
James Joplin   Private  Co. K, 40th Mississippi Infantry
 James Joplin  Adjutant  Robertson's Regt. Ft. Smith, Missouri
 James B. Joplin  Private  Co.A, 2nd VA Cavalry Radfords Reg
J.C. Joplin   Private  Co. C, 13th Tenn Infantry (at Shilo)
 J. C. Joplin 2nd Lieut   Co. C, 3rd Virginia Infantry
 Jesse Joplin  Private  Co. A, 13th West VA Cavalry
 Jesse Joplin Private  Co. E,2nd Missouri Cavalry
 Jesse A. Joplin   Private Co. F, 37th Texas Cavalry 
 J. F. Joplin  Private  Co. A, Wilson's Tenn. Cavalry
 J. M. Joplin  Private Co. F, Mississippi Infantry 
 J.M. Joplin  Private  Co. K, 40th Mississippi Infantry
 John E. Joplin   Private  Co. E,18th Newson's Tenn. Cavalry
John M. Joplin  Private  Co. F, 21st Arkansas Infantry
 Joseph Joplin   Adjutant  Co. 6, Division, Missouri Cavalry
 Josiah Joplin  1st. Lieut  2nd NE Missouri Cavalry
Josiah Joplin  Private   Co. H, 10th Missouri Cavalry
 Josiah C.Joplin  Private  Co. A, 2nd Virginia Cavalry
J. Wesley  Joplin  Private  Co.H, 58th N. Carolina Infantry
 L. S. Joplin  Lieut.  Co. C, Tenn. Infantry
 P.A. Joplin  Private  Co. H, 24th Arkansas Infantry
 Robert Joplin  Private  Co. E, Battalion SC Infantry
 Robert Joplin  Private  Co. F, 26th South Carolina Infantry
Solomon Joplin  Sergeant   Capt. Kelly's Co. Chesterfield Art
 T. Joplin  Private  Co. A, 22nd Barteau's Cavalry
 Thomas Joplin  Private  Co. A, 1st Battalion SC Infantry
Thomas Joplin  Private  Co. H, 34th Texas Cavalry
W. A. Joplin  Sargeant  Co. G, 37th Battalion VA Cavalry
W.F. Joplin(Wilbur)  Sargeant  Co. B, 16th Missouri Infantry
William Joplin  Private  Co. E, 9th Battalion VA Cavalry
William C. Joplin  Private  Co. H, 34th Texas Cavalry
 William H.Joplin  Private  Co.A, 10th Missouri Cavalry
 William Y. Joplin  Private  Co. D, North Carolina Infantry
A.  Jopling  Private  Co. C, 28th Tx Cavalry Randall's reg
 B.L. Jopling Lieut.  Co A, 5th Mississippi Infantry
 Ferdinand Jopling  Private  Co. I Wood's Regt. Missouri Cavalry
 James Benj.Jopling  Private  Co. A, 2nd Virginia Cavalry
 James R. Jopling  Private  Co. B, 10th Bat..VA Heavy Artillery
J. L.  Jopling  Private  Forrest's Regiment Alabama
 J.E. Jopling  Private  Co. E, 14 & 20th Cons.Tenn. Cav.
John  Jopling  Private  Co. I Wood's Regt. Missouri Cavalry
 L.S. Jopling  Private  Co. H, 4th Arkansas Infantry
Monroe Jopling  Private  1st Battery Mission light Artillery
Pleasant, Jopling  Private Co. I, Fourth Arkansas Infantry 
 Stanford Jopling  Private  Co.G, 30th Texas Calvary
Thomas C. Jopling  Sergeant  Co.E, 2nd Missouri Infantry
 W. Benj.Jopling  Private  Co. I, 26th NC Infantry
W.T.  Jopling  Lieut. Co. A, 5th Mississippis Infantry
 Jesse Jopplin  Private Co. E, 2nd Missouri Cavalry
 J.J. Joppling  Private  17th Texas Field Battery
 John T. Stevens    Co. B, 8th Virginia Cavalry

John T. Stevens

Company B. 8th, Virginia Cavalry

Paynes Brigade

Fitzhugh Lees Division

Army of Northern Virigina.


Francis Marion Joplin and Jesse Joplin

Kanawha County WV


Francis Marion Joplin

Joplin, Francis M. Private Co. C 7th WV Cavalry
Date of enlistment: June 1861
Discharged: 1 August 1864
Length of service: 4 yr. 1 mo
Post Office Address: Guyandott, W VA
Disability Incurred: Foot mashed
Remarks: Reinlisted veteran

Jesse Joplin

Jopling, Jesse Private Co. A 13th WV Infantry
Date of enlistment: 15 Aug 1862
Discharged 13 June 1865
Length of Service: 2 yr. 10 mo
Address: Aaron
Disability: Gun shot in left thigh
Remarks: Intirely disabled in leg